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Total Synthesis - Natural Products


We are interested in the synthesis of alkaloid natural compounds, widely present in nature and offering an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Currently, we are focusing our attention on the lycorine family, salinosporamide derivatives, ß-substituted α-amino acids, ketene chemistry, and reactivity of thiofunctionalized compounds.  Some of these natural products are isolated in unusable yields (small quantities) and often have an incorrect chemical reported structure. In our synthetic studies, we always wish to develop new chemical transformations (or methodologies) and offer efficient and original ways for their synthesis and characterization, but also to allow the access to analogs.

Selected publications


Rulliere, P., Cannillo, A., Grisel, J., Cividino, P., Sebastien, C., & Poisson, J. F. (2018). Total Synthesis of Proteasome Inhibitor (-)-Omuralide through Asymmetric Ketene [2 + 2]-Cycloaddition. Organic Letters, 20 (15), 4558-4561. doi:10.1021/acs.orglett.8b01851



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Pandey, S. K., Orellana, A., Greene, A. E., & Poisson, J. F. (2006). High-pressure Diels-Alder approach to natural kainic acid. Organic Letters, 8 (24), 5665-5668.doi:10.1021/ol062419l



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Ceccon, J., Greene, A. E., & Poisson, J. F. (2006). Asymmetric [2+2] cycloaddition: Total synthesis of (-)-swainsonine and (+)-6-epicastanospermine. Organic Letters, 8 (21), 4739-4742. doi: 10.1021/ol0617751

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