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Photochromism / non-orthodox organic functions for new photo/redox properties

We intend to discover and exploit organic functions in order to offer original opportunities to interact with electrons and photons at the molecular level. Thus, we are interested in different research lines and applications including molecular switches and unusual redox-active patterns.
Molecular switches are molecular or supramolecular architectures capable of undergoing reversible structural reorganizations in response to external stimuli that can be for example of electrical, optical or chemical inputs. These compounds can be utilized as active components in solution or upon immobilization in the solid state to produce smart materials, electronic devices or for therapeutic applications.
In some cases, our targets are “impossible” molecules: elusive compounds that are commonly considered as too reactive to be isolated, or even to be observed. We stabilize them through rational modifications of steric and electronic effects of substituents. Recent advances spread from new paradigms in the mechanisms and nature of intermediates in radical reactions to novel redox active radicals.


Publié le 26 septembre 2022

Mis à jour le 12 février 2024