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Bâtiment : Chimie C

bioinspired models of non-heme metalloenzymes and dicopper enzymes, coordination chemistry, activation of O2, catalysis, mechanistic studies

Curriculum vitae

Aurore Thibon received her PhD degree in chemistry in 2007 from the University of Paris XI under the supervision of Prof. Banse. She worked on the functional modelling of iron monooxygenases which are particularly able to hydroxylate aromatic hydrocarbons and also, on the synthesis and characterization of high-valent iron species evoked in catalytic cycle of metalloenzymes. She did her post-doctoral studies at the University of Minnesota and developed new lanthanide based sensors. Back in France in 2009, she joined the University of Strasbourg, where she was appointed assistant professor. Her main research interests focus on the design and mechanistic understanding of models of non-heme metalloenzymes. In 2015, she moved to the University of Grenoble-Alpes in the Department of Molecular Chemistry where she conducts her research in the “Reactivity and Mechanism of Bioinspired Complexes” subgroup. Her current interest focuses on two-centre bioinorganic models relevant to copper biological systems.

Publié le 22 janvier 2024

Mis à jour le 30 janvier 2024