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Fire Safety Service

The fire safety service is dedicated to the implementation of the University's fire prevention policy in areas welcoming public and workers respectively (ERP or ERT).

  • Organize the people evacuation and coordinate the evacuation team
  • Intervene in case of fire (implementation of rescue means and safety of buildings)
  • Assist people (first aid) in research entities
  • Alert and welcome emergency services
  • Ensure the maintenance and proper operation of fire safety equipments
  • Participate in the implementation of prevention plans, deliverance of fire permits
  • Train newcomers on fire safety
  • Plan and perform fire drills


For any further information about fire safety for the DCM site, please contact:

Hugues Bonnet (Hugues[dot]bonnet[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)


Publié le 4 juillet 2019

Mis à jour le 19 mars 2024