This research project targets synthesis, studies of properties and reactivity of copper complexes inspired by oxydase or monooxygenase enzymes. Much of this research is focused on postulated reactive intermediates involved in copper-based oxidation relevant to tyrosinase, pMMO... Using specifically designed ligands from corresponding Cu(I) or Cu(II) complexes, potential intermediates are generated to allow characterization of transient copper-oxygen adducts or  high-valent copper species to understand their structures and reactivity toward O-Atom Transfer (OAT) or H-Atom Abstraction (HAT). Our approach combines experimental and theoretical data.



H. Jamet (SITh, DCM)
J. Simaan / M. Réglier (ISm2, Univ. Aix-Marseille), 
N. Le Poul / Y. Le Mest (CEMCA, Univ. Brest). 


ANR Blanc Comebac (2013-2017), 
COST actions CM1003 on Bioinorganic oxidation chemistry (2011-2015) and CM1305-ECOSTBIO- (2013-2018)

Selected publications 

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