Electrochemical supercapacitor.

A supercapacitor for immersion into a liq. contg. a biol. material consists of an anode using a first enzyme for the oxidn. of the biol. material and a cathode contg. a second enzyme that catalyzes the redn. of the oxidant. Each electrode consists of a solid agglomerate of a conducting material mixed with the enzyme, in which the sp. surface is ≥20 m2/g and a median pore size of 0.7-10 μm. The first enzyme is selected from galactose oxidase, fructose oxidase, and glucose deshydrogenase; the second enzyme is selected from polyphenol oxidase, laccase, and bilirubin oxidase. In addn., redox mediators to aid the first enzyme oxidn. step include ubiquinone, ferrocene, cobaltocene, N-methylphenothiazine, and 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonic acid. [on SciFinder(R)]


Electrochemical supercapacitor.
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WO 2014135787 A1
Soumis le 23 mai 2018