Prevention assistants have the role of advising the management of the research entity in the development and the follow-up of the prevention policy:
  • By participating in the risk assessment and by maintaining the entity's professionnal risk assessment document
  • By proposing to the person in charge of the preventive measures an annual program of prevention and by following its achievement
  • By informing her/him of security problems encountered in the research entity
  • By ensuring a safety advisory mission in case of modification and implementation of new processes or new facilities
  • By ensuring the elaboration of prevention plans during the intervention of external companies
  • By setting up and monitoring the health and safety at work register
  • By defining the safety instructions at the workstation in relation with line managers and the emergency response instructions (fire, accident, etc.) within the service
  • By teaching and training newcomers
  • By initiating the analysis of incidents and accidents having occurred in the research entity.

Prevention assistants are implied in the local health, safety and working conditions committee on which the research entity depends.
They represent the level of proximity in the field of risk prevention; consequently, they work in close collaboration with prevention advisers and inform them of the actions carried out within their research entity..

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