The mission of the RPE is to ensure, under the responsibility of the employer and in connection with the occupational physician, the implementation of measures to prevent and protect workers using ionizing radiation.
  • The RPE trains concerned employees about the risks and ways to prevent them. More broadly, the she/he informs employees.
  • The RPE assesses the risks and implements the appropriate preventive measures in support of the employer. This evaluation is done by carrying out the job analysis, which gives the employer the elements to:
    • take appropriate preventive actions;
    • set up collective protection equipment and safety instructions;
    • delimit the restricted zones (supervised, controlled, specially regulated, prohibited zones);
    • determine the classification of the personnel (A, B, unexposed);
    • define personal protective equipment; 
    • define the procedures for individual dosimetric monitoring;
  • The RPE defines the program of the periodic internal controls to be carried out, in accordance with the legislation in force (maintenance of control devices, verification of the safety of installations, waste management, surface contamination, ...).
  • The RPE controls and organizes the control by an outside body of the conformity of the installations with the different standards in force.
  • The RPE manages for the employer various administrative aspects: application for authorization, relations with the organizations, answers to the questions during the inspections, establishment of new normative frameworks with the evolutions of the legislation, etc ...
  • The RPE provides elements for the management of possible incidents.
Mis à jour le 12 avril 2021