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Journal Article
On the Redox Properties of the Dimers of Thiazol-2-ylidenes That Are Relevant for Radical Catalysis, Delfau, Ludivine, Assani Nadhrata, Nichilo Samantha, Pécaut Jacques, Philouze Christian, Broggi Julie, Martin David, and Tomás-Mendivil Eder , ACS Organic & Inorganic Au, Volume 3, p.136–142, (2023)
The curious case of a sterically crowded Stenhouse salt, Théry, Valentin, Molton Florian, Sirach Selim, Tillet Neven, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Chem. Sci., Volume 13, p.9755-9760, (2022)
Critical Assessment of the Reducing Ability of Breslow-type Derivatives and Implications for Carbene-Catalyzed Radical Reactions, Delfau, Ludivine, Nichilo Samantha, Molton Florian, Broggi Julie, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 60, p.26783–26789, (2021)
Beyond the Limits of Atropochirality: Design of Highly Conformationally Restrained Biaryls with Bridgehead Phosphine Oxide, Mele, Lucas, Babouri Rachida, Pirat Jean-Luc, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, Martin David, Ayad Tahar, and Virieux David , Chemistry - A European Journal, Volume 29, Number Copyright ¬© 2023 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved.; Copyright ¬© 2023 U.S. National Library of Medicine, p.e202300452, (2023)
Bending Enamine Patterns of Stabilized Pentalenes into "Polymethine Ylides", Théry, Valentin, Barra Cyriac, Simeoni Alexandra, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Organic Letters, Volume 25, p.560–564, (2023)
An air-stable radical with a redox-chameleonic amide, Peltier, Jesse L., Serrato Melinda R., Théry Valentin, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, Bertrand Guy, Jazzar Rodolphe, and Martin David , Chem. Commun., Volume 59, p.595-598, (2023)
Air-Stable Oxyallyl Patterns and a Switchable N-Heterocyclic Carbene, Tomás-Mendivil, Eder, Devillard Marc, Regnier Vianney, Pécaut Jacques, and Martin David , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 59, p.11516-11520, (2020)