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Journal Article
Visualization and Comprehension of Electronic and Topographic Contrasts on Cooperatively Switched Diarylethene-Bridged Ditopic Ligand, Hnid, Imen, Guan Lihao, Chatir Elarbi, Cobo Saioa, Lafolet Frederic, Maurel Francois, Lacroix Jean-Christophe, and Sun Xiaonan , Nanomaterials, Volume 12, (2022)
Synthesis of Redox-Active Photochromic Phenanthrene Derivatives, Chatir, Elarbi, Boggio-Pasqua Martial, Loiseau Frédérique, Philouze Christian, Royal Guy, and Cobo Saioa , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 28, p.e202103755, (2022)
Photochromic Metallopolymer Based on Dithienylethene as a Molecular Calculator, Chatir, Elarbi, Khettabi Amina, Lafolet Frederic, Damien Jouvenot, Royal Guy, Saint-Aman Eric, and Cobo Saioa , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 34, p.5912-5918, (2022)
Dithienylethene-Based Single Molecular Photothermal Linear Actuator, Rashid, Umar, Chatir Elarbi, Sandonas Leonardo Medrano, Sreelakshmi Pa, Dianat Arezoo, Gutierrez Rafael, Cuniberti Gianaurelio, Cobo Saioa, and Kaliginedi Veerabhadrarao , Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, Volume 62, Number Copyright © 2023 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved.; Copyright © 2023 U.S. National Library of Medicine, p.e202218767, (2023)
Catalytic light-triggered reduction promoted by a dithienylethene derivative, Cobo, Saioa, Khettabi Amina, Grempka Arkadiusz, Lafolet Frederic, Chatir Elarbi, Leconte Nicolas, Collomb Marie-Noelle, and Damien Jouvenot , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 26, (2020)