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Journal Article
Study of Genipin Behavior in Neutral and Acidic Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Vallee Yannick, and Zebda Abdelkader , ChemistrySelect, Volume 8, Issue 14, p.e202204705, (2023)
Straightforward Creation of Possibly Prebiotic Complex Mixtures of Thiol-Rich Peptides, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Véronique, and Vallee Yannick , Life, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.983, (2023)
The Reaction of Aminonitriles with Aminothiols: A Way to Thiol-Containing Peptides and Nitrogen Heterocycles in the Primitive Earth Ocean, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Coulibaly Seydou, Ly Kieu Dung, Milet Anne, and Vallee Yannick. , Life, Volume 8, Issue 4, (2018)
The origin of organic chemistry on Earth: endogenous synthesis or exogenous delivery ?, Vazart, Fanny, Balucani Nadia, Skouteris Dimitrios, Ceccarelli Maria Cecilia, Shalayel Ibrahim, and Vallee Yannick. , Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, Volume 90, Issue 4, p.467-474, (2019)
Cysteine Chemistry in Connection with Abiogenesis, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Youssef-Saliba Sparta, Vazart Fanny, Ceccarelli Cecilia, Bridoux Maxime, and Vallee Yannick. , European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 2020, p.3019–3023, (2020)
Chemistry of Homocysteine Thiolactone in A Prebiotic Perspective, Shalayel, Ibrahim, and Vallee Yannick. , Life, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.40, (2019)
Catalysis before Enzymes: Thiol-Rich Peptides as Molecular Diversity Providers on the Early Earth, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Véronique, and Vallee Yannick , Diversity, Volume 15, Issue 2, p.256, (2023)