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Journal Article
CO2 to CO Electroreduction, Electrocatalytic H2 Evolution, and Catalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes Using a Co(II) meso-Tetraarylporphyrin, Guergueb, Mouhieddinne, Loiseau Frédérique, Molton Florian, Nasri Habib, and Klein Axel , Molecules, Volume 27, (2022)
DMAP and HMTA manganese(III) meso-tetraphenylporphyrin-based coordination complexes: Syntheses, physicochemical properties, structural and biological activities, Mkacher, Hayfa, Ben Taheur Fadia, Amiri Nesrine, Almahri Albandary, Loiseau Frédérique, Molton Florian, Vollbert Emiliano Martinez, Roisnel Thierry, Turowska-Tyrk Ilona, and Nasri Habib , Inorganica Chimica Acta, Volume 545, Number Copyright ¬© 2023 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved., p.121278, (2023)
Effect of the coordination of π-acceptor 4-cyanopyridine ligand on the structural and electronic properties of meso-tetra(para-methoxy) and meso-tetra(para-chlorophenyl) porphyrin cobalt(ii) coordination compounds. Application..., Guergueb, Mouhieddinne, Nasri Soumaya, Brahmi Jihed, Loiseau Frédérique, Molton Florian, Roisnel Thierry, Guerineau Vincent, Turowska-Tyrk Ilona, Aouadi Kaïss, and Nasri Habib , RSC Adv., Volume 10, p.6900-6918, (2020)
Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, Electrochemical CO2 Reduction, and Oxidative Photodegradation of Organic Dyes Catalyzed by Co(II) Trimethoxy-Meso-Arylporphyrin, Guergueb, Mouhieddinne, Kechiche Azhar, Loiseau Frédérique, Molton Florian, Nasri Habib, Hohnsen Johannes, and Klein Axel , Inorganics, Volume 11, Number Copyright ¬© 2023 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved., p.6, (2023)
Synthesis, Electronic Spectroscopy, Cyclic Voltammetry, Photophysics and Electric Properties and X-ray Molecular Structures of the dabco, pyz, 4,4'-bpy, 4-CNpy, 4,4'-mda Aza Ligands meso-tetrakis[4-(benzoyloxy)phenyl]porphyrinato Complexes., Nasri, Habib, Nasri Soumaya, Zahou Imen, Turowska-Tyrk Ilona, Roisnel Thierry, Saint-Aman Eric, and Loiseau Frédérique , Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., Volume 2016, Number 31, p.5004–5019, (2016)
Synthesis of a Novel Zinc(II) Porphyrin Complex, Halide Ion Reception, Catalytic Degradation of Dyes, and Optoelectronic Application, Nasri, Soumaya, Guergueb Mouhieddinne, Brahmi Jihed, Al-Ghamdi Youssef O., Loiseau Frédérique, and Nasri Habib , Crystals, Volume 13, Number Copyright ¬© 2023 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved., p.238, (2023)
Zinc(ii) triazole meso-arylsubstituted porphyrins for UV-visible chloride and bromide detection. Adsorption and catalytic degradation of malachite green dye, Guergueb, Mouhieddinne, Brahmi Jihed, Nasri Soumaya, Loiseau Frédérique, Aouadi Kaïss, Guerineau Vincent, Najmudin Shabir, and Nasri Habib , RSC Adv., Volume 10, p.22712-22725, (2020)