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Organic beta-cyclodextrin Nanoparticle: An Efficient Building Block Between Functionalized Poly(pyrrole) Electrodes and Enzymes, Buzzetti, P. H. M., Carriere M., Brachi M., Gorgy K., Mumtaz M., Borsali R., and Cosnier Serge , Small, Volume 18, (2022)
p-Block Metal Oxide Noninnocence in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acid: The Case of Bismuth Oxide, Thorarinsdottir, Agnes E., Costentin Cyrille, Veroneau Samuel S., and Nocera Daniel G. , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 34, p.826-835, (2022)
Phosphine Oxide Porous Organic Polymers Incorporating Cobalt(II) Ions: Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of H2 Production, Bonfant, Giulia, Balestri Davide, Perego Jacopo, Comotti Angiolina, Bracco Silvia, Koepf Matthieu, Gennari Marcello, and Marchiò Luciano , ACS Omega, Volume 7, p.6104-6112, (2022)
Photochromic Metallopolymer Based on Dithienylethene as a Molecular Calculator, Chatir, Elarbi, Khettabi Amina, Lafolet Frederic, Damien Jouvenot, Royal Guy, Saint-Aman Eric, and Cobo Saioa , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 34, p.5912-5918, (2022)
Photoinduced Catalysis of Redox Reactions. Turnover Numbers, Turnover Frequency, and Limiting Processes: Kinetic Analysis and Application to Light-Driven Hydrogen Production, Costentin, Cyrille, Camara Fakourou, Fortage Jérôme, and Collomb Marie-Noelle , ACS Catalysis, Volume 12, p.6246-6254, (2022)
Photo-induced telomeric DNA damage in human cancer cells, Weynand, Justin, Episkopou Harikleia, Le Berre Gabriel, Gillard Martin, Dejeu Jérôme, Decottignies Anabelle, Defrancq Eric, and Elias Benjamin , RSC Chem. Biol., 10/2022, Volume 3, p.1375, (2022)
Photo-oxidizing Ruthenium(II) Complexes with Enhanced Visible Light Absorption and G-quadruplex DNA Binding Abilities, Gillard, Martin, Piraux Guillaume, Daenen Martin, Abraham Michael, Troian-Gautier Ludovic, Bar Laure, Bonnet Hugues, Loiseau Frédérique, Jamet Hélène, Dejeu Jérôme, et al. , Chemistry – A European Journal, 08/2022, Volume 28, (2022)
Photoredox Processes in the Aggregation and Gelation of Electron-Responsive Supramolecular Polymers Based on Viologen, Roizard, Clément, Andrieux Vivien, Shehimy Shaymaa Al, Chowdhury Shagor, Reynard-Feytis Quentin, Kahlfuss Christophe, Saint-Aman Eric, Chevallier Floris, Bucher Christophe, Gibaud Thomas, et al. , {ECS} Advances, may, Volume 1, p.020502, (2022)
Potassium Carbonate to Unlock a GaCl3-Catalyzed C–H Propargylation of Arenes, Vayer, Marie, Rodrigues Sophie, Miaskiewicz Solène, Gatineau David, Gimbert Yves, Gandon Vincent, and Bour Christophe , ACS Catal., Volume 12, p.305–315, (2022)
Proton-coupled electron transfer of macrocyclic ring hydrogenation: The chlorinphlorin, Sun, Rui, Liu Mengran, Zheng Shao-Liang, Dogutan Dilek K., Costentin Cyrille, and Nocera Daniel G. , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 119, p.e2122063119, (2022)
A Pyrene-Triazacyclononane Anchor Affords High Operational Stability for CO2 RR by a CNT-Supported Histidine-Tagged CODH, Contaldo, U., Curtil M., Perard J., Cavazza C., and Le Goff A. , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, Volume 61, Issue 21, (2022)
A Pyrene-Triazacyclononane Anchor Affords High Operational Stability for CO2RR by a CNT-Supported Histidine-Tagged CODH, Contaldo, Umberto, Curtil Mathieu, Perard Julien, Cavazza Christine, and Le Goff Alan , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 61, Issue 21, p.e202117212, (2022)
Racemization mechanism of lithium tert-butylphenylphosphido-borane: A kinetic insight, Fortrie, Rémy, Gatineau David, Hérault Damien, Béal Aurélie, Naubron Jean-Valère, Giordano Laurent, and Buono Gerard , Chirality, Volume 34, p.27–33, (2022)
Radical Complexes of Nickel(II)/Copper(II) and Redox Non-innocent MB-DIPY Ligands: Unusual Stability and Strong Near-Infrared Absorption at λmax ∼1300 nm, Zatsikha, Yuriy V., Shamova Liliya I., Shepit Michael, Berry Steven M., Thomas Fabrice, Herbert David E., van Lierop Johan, and Nemykin Victor N. , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 28, p.e202201181, (2022)
Rational Design of a Highly Dispersed Fe-N-C Nanosheet with 1,10-Phenanthroline-2,9-Dicarboxylic Acid as a Preorganized Ligand: Boosted Electrochemiluminescence Detection of Tetracycline, Zong, L. P., Li J., Shu G., Liu X., Marks R. S., Zhang X. J., Cosnier Serge, and Shan D. , Anal. Chem., Volume 94, Issue 2, (2022)
Recent advancements in the field of flexible/wearable enzyme fuel cells, Haque, Sufia ul, Yasir Mohammad, and Cosnier Serge , Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Volume 214, (2022)
Regulating the coordination capacity of ATMP using melamine: facile synthesis of cobalt phosphides as bifunctional electrocatalysts for the ORR and HER, Xu, L. H., Wang W. J., Zhang X. J., Cosnier Serge, Marks R. S., and Shan D. , Nanoscale, Volume 14, Issue 48, (2022)
Rhenium Carbonyl Molecular Catalysts for CO2 Electroreduction: Effects on Catalysis of Bipyridine Substituents Mimicking Anchorage Functions to Modify Electrodes, Guyot, Mélanie, Lalloz Marie-Noëlle, Aguirre-Araque Juan S., Rogez Guillaume, Costentin Cyrille, and Chardon Sylvie , Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 61, p.16072-16080, (2022)
Rhodium(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intermolecular Aziridination of Alkenes, Boquet, Vincent, Nasrallah Ali, Dana Alejandro L., Brunard Erwan, Di Chenna Pablo H., Duran Fernando J., Retailleau Pascal, Darses Benjamin, Sircoglou Marie, and Dauban Philippe , Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 144, p.17156–17164, (2022)
Study on the synthesis, physicochemical, electrochemical properties, molecular structure and antifungal activities of the 4-pyrrolidinopyridine Mg(II) meso-tetratolylporphyrin complex, Jabli, Souhir, Hrichi Soukaina, Chaabane-Banaoues Raja, Molton Florian, Loiseau Frédérique, Roisnel Thierry, Turowska-Tyrk Ilona, Babba Hamouda, and Nasri Habib , Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1261, p.132882, (2022)
Symmetric CEST-active lanthanide complexes for redox monitoring, Leguerrier, Damien Mouchel di, Barré Richard, Ruet Quentin, Frachet Véronique, Imbert Daniel, Thomas Fabrice, and Molloy Jennifer K. , Dalton Trans., Volume 51, p.18400-18408, (2022)
Synthesis of Redox-Active Photochromic Phenanthrene Derivatives, Chatir, Elarbi, Boggio-Pasqua Martial, Loiseau Frédérique, Philouze Christian, Royal Guy, and Cobo Saioa , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 28, p.e202103755, (2022)
Targeting Tn-Antigen-Positive Human Tumors with a Recombinant Human Macrophage Galactose C-Type Lectin, Bulteau, François, Thepaut Michel, Henry Maxime, Hurbin Amandine, Vanwonterghem Laetitia, Vivès Corinne, Le Roy Aline, Ebel Christine, Renaudet Olivier, Fieschi Franck, et al. , Molecular Pharmaceutics, Volume 19, p.235-245, (2022)
Trialkoxyheptazine-Based Glyconanoparticles for Fluorescence in Aqueous Solutions and on Surfaces via Controlled Binding in Space, Brachi, Monica, Buzzetti Paulo Henrique M., Gorgy Karine, Shan Dan, Audebert Pierre, Le Goff Alan, Li Hong, Borsali Redouane, and Cosnier Serge , ACS Macro Letters, Volume 11, (2022)
Trichloroacetic acid fueled practical amine purifications, Thomas, Aleena, Gasch Baptiste, Olivieri Enzo, and Quintard Adrien , Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 18, p.225–231, (2022)
Visualization and Comprehension of Electronic and Topographic Contrasts on Cooperatively Switched Diarylethene-Bridged Ditopic Ligand, Hnid, Imen, Guan Lihao, Chatir Elarbi, Cobo Saioa, Lafolet Frederic, Maurel Francois, Lacroix Jean-Christophe, and Sun Xiaonan , Nanomaterials, Volume 12, (2022)
Advanced high-affinity glycoconjugate ligands of galectins, Hovorková, Michaela, Červený Jakub, Bumba Ladislav, Pelantová Helena, Cvačka Josef, Křen Vladimír, Renaudet Olivier, Goyard David, and Bojarová Pavla , Bioorganic Chemistry, 11/2022, Volume 131, p.106279, (2023)
An air-stable radical with a redox-chameleonic amide, Peltier, Jesse L., Serrato Melinda R., Théry Valentin, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, Bertrand Guy, Jazzar Rodolphe, and Martin David , Chem. Commun., Volume 59, p.595-598, (2023)
All Visible Light Photoswitch Based on the Dimethyldihydropyrene Unit Operating in Aqueous Solutions with High Quantum Yields, Ziani, Zakaria, Cobo Saioa, Loiseau Frédérique, Damien Jouvenot, Lognon Elise, Boggio-Pasqua Martial, and Royal Guy , JACS Au, Volume 3, p.131–142, (2023)
Bending Enamine Patterns of Stabilized Pentalenes into "Polymethine Ylides", Thery, Valentin, Barra Cyriac, Simeoni Alexandra, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Organic Letters, Volume 25, p.560–564, (2023)
Catalysis before Enzymes: Thiol-Rich Peptides as Molecular Diversity Providers on the Early Earth, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Véronique, and Vallee Yannick , Diversity, Volume 15, Issue 2, p.256, (2023)
Cell-free expression and characterization of multivalent rhamnose-binding lectins using biolayer interferometry, Warfel, Katherine F., Laigre Eugenie, Sobol Sarah E., Gillon Emilie, Varrot Annabelle, Renaudet Olivier, Dejeu Jérôme, Jewett Michael C., and Imberty Anne , Glycobiology, 03/2023, (2023)
Deciphering Reversible Homogeneous Catalysis of the Electrochemical H2 Evolution and Oxidation: Role of Proton Relays and Local Concentration Effects, Reuillard, Bertrand, Costentin Cyrille, and Artero Vincent , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume n/a, p.e202302779, (2023)
Distinguishing Plasmin-Generating Microvesicles: Tiny Messengers Involved in Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis, Plawinski, Laurent, Cras Audrey, Lopez José Rubicel He, de la Peña Aurora, Van der Heyden Angeline, Belle Catherine, Toti Florence, and Anglés-Cano Eduardo , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, (2023)
Enhanced activity for the oxygen reduction reaction in microporous water, Thorarinsdottir, Agnes E., Erdosy Daniel P., Costentin Cyrille, Mason Jarad A., and Nocera Daniel G. , Nature Catalysis, May, (2023)
Exploiting HOPNO-dicopper center interaction to development of inhibitors for human tyrosinase, Buitrago, Elina, Faure Clarisse, Carotti Marcello, Bergantino Elisabetta, Hardré Renaud, Maresca Marc, Philouze Christian, Vanthuyne Nicolas, Boumendjel Ahcène, Bubacco Luigi, et al. , European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 248, p.115090, (2023)
Grafted dinuclear zinc complexes for selective recognition of phosphatidylserine: Application to the capture of extracellular membrane microvesicles, Van der Heyden, Angeline, Chanthavong Phoulinh, Angles-Cano Eduardo, Bonnet Hugues, Dejeu Jérôme, Cras Audrey, Philouze Christian, Serratrice Guy, El-Ghazouani Fatiha Zoubari, Toti Florence, et al. , Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 11/2022, Volume 239, p.112065, (2023)
Luminescent Ruthenium(II) Complexes Used for the Detection of 8-Oxoguanine in the Human Telomeric Sequence, Gillard, Martin, Bonnet Hugues, Lartia Remy, Yacoub Hiba, Dejeu Jérôme, Defrancq Eric, and Elias Benjamin , Bioconjugate Chemistry, 01/2023, Volume 34, Issue 2, p.414-421, (2023)
Multimeric RGD-Based Strategies for Selective Drug Delivery to Tumor Tissues, Cossu, Jordan, Thoreau Fabien, and Boturyn Didier , Pharmaceutics, 02/2023, Volume 15, (2023)
Novel Synthesis of IMC-48 and Affinity Evaluation with Different i-Motif DNA Sequences, Berthiol, Florian, Boissieras Joseph, Bonnet Hugues, Pierrot Marie, Philouze Christian, Poisson Jean-François, Granzhan Anton, Dejeu Jérôme, and Defrancq Eric , Molecules, 01/2023, Volume 28, (2023)
Out of Equilibrium Chemical Systems Fueled by Trichloroacetic Acid, Olivieri, Enzo, and Quintard Adrien , ACS Organic & Inorganic Au, 08/11/2022, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.4-12, (2023)
Phytic acid-assisted hollow Fe2P/N-C nanoshuttle derived from NH2MIL: Synthesis strategy and electrochemical application for hydrogen evolution, Gong, Yuxiao, Xu Lian-Hua, Zhang Xue-Ji, Cosnier Serge, and Shan Dan , Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 974, (2023)
Repulsive Force for Micro- and Nano-Non-Contact Manipulation, Cot, Amélie, Rougeot Patrick, Lakard Sophie, Gauthier Michaël, and Dejeu Jérôme , Applied Sciences, 03/2023, Volume 13, (2023)
Straightforward Creation of Possibly Prebiotic Complex Mixtures of Thiol-Rich Peptides, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Véronique, and Vallee Yannick , Life, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.983, (2023)
Study of Genipin Behavior in Neutral and Acidic Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Vallee Yannick, and Zebda Abdelkader , ChemistrySelect, Volume 8, Issue 14, p.e202204705, (2023)
Synthesis of 4-Phosphinylpyrrolidin-3-ones via [3+2] Cycloaddition of Nitrones with Phosphinylallenes, Hammami, Rayhane, Maldivi Pascale, Philouze Christian, Carret Sébastien, Darses Benjamin, Touil Soufiane, and Poisson Jean-François , Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Volume 365, Issue 9, p.1385-1390, (2023)
The versatility of pyrene and its derivatives on sp2 carbon nanomaterials for bioelectrochemical applications, Holzinger, Michael, Cosnier Serge, and Buzzetti Paulo Henrique M. , Synthetic Metals, Volume 292, (2023)