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Journal Article
New Insights into the Electronic Structure and Reactivity of One-Electron Oxidized Copper(II)-(Disalicylidene)diamine Complexes., Asami, Kazutaka, Tsukidate Kazuaki, Iwatsuki Satoshi, Tani Fumito, Karasawa Satoru, Chiang Linus, Storr Tim, Thomas Fabrice, and Shimazaki Yuichi. , Inorg. Chem., Volume 51, Number 22, p.12450–12461, (2012)
Nickel(II) radical complexes of thiosemicarbazone ligands appended by salicylidene, aminophenol and aminothiophenol moieties., Kochem, Amélie, Gellon Gisèle, Jarjayes Olivier, Philouze Christian, Du Moulinet D'Hardemare Amaury, van Gastel Maurice, and Thomas Fabrice , Dalt. Trans., Volume 44, Number 28, p.12743–12756, (2015)
Ni(II) Complexes of the Redox-Active Bis(2-aminophenyl)dipyrrin: Structural, Spectroscopic, and Theoretical Characterization of Three Members of an Electron Transfer Series., Moutet, Jules, Philouze Christian, Du Moulinet D'Hardemare Amaury, Leconte Nicolas, and Thomas Fabrice , Inorg. Chem., Volume 56, Number 11, p.6380–6392, (2017)
Non-heme iron hydroperoxo species in superoxide reductase as a catalyst for oxidation reactions., Rat, S, Menage Stephane., Thomas Fabrice, and Niviere V , Chem. Commun. (Cambridge, United Kingdom), Volume 50, Number 91, p.14213–14216, (2014)
Nuclease and anti-proliferative activities of copper(II) complexes of N3O tripodal ligands involving a sterically hindered phenolate., Berthet, Nathalie, Martel-Frachet Veronique, Michel Fabien, Philouze Christian, Hamman Sylvain, Ronot Xavier, and Thomas Fabrice , Dalt. Trans., Volume 42, Number 23, p.8468–8483, (2013)