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1,2-Additions on Chiral N-Sulfinylketimines: An Easy Access to Chiral alpha-Tertiary Amines, Achuenu, Chukuka, Carret Sébastien, Poisson Jean-François, and Berthiol Florian , Synthesis, Volume 54, Issue 10, p.2309–2329, (2022)
2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzyl as a Thiol-Protecting Group for Directed-Disulfide Bond Formation, Zoukimian, Claude, Béroud Rémy, and Boturyn Didier , Organic Letters, 05/2022, Volume 24, Issue 18, p.3407–3410, (2022)
2-Methylimidazole-tuned “4-Self” strategy based on benzimidazole-5-carboxylate for boosting oxygen reduction electrocatalysis, Dai, Yu-Xuan, Xin Wen-Li, Xu Lian-Hua, Li Ji, Li Yi-Xuan, Li Junji, Cosnier Serge, Zhang Xue-Ji, Marks Robert S., and Shan Dan , Applied Surface Science, (2022)
Assessment of presumed small-molecule ligands of telomeric i-DNA by BioLayer Interferometry (BLI), Bonnet, Hugues, Morel Maeva, Devaux Alexandre, Boissieras Joseph, Granzhan Anton, Elias Benjamin, Lavergne Thomas, Dejeu Jérôme, and Defrancq Eric , Chem. Commun., 04/2022, Volume 58, p.5116-5119, (2022)
Behavior of iron tetraphenylsulfonato porphyrin intercalated into LDH and LSH as materials for electrocatalytic applications, Tarhini, Ali, Aguirre-Araque Juan, Guyot Mélanie, Costentin Cyrille, Rogez Guillaume, Chardon Sylvie, Prevot Vanessa, and Mousty Christine , Electrocatalysis, (2022)
A bio-inspired heterodinuclear hydrogenase CoFe complex, Sun, Lili, Adam Suzanne M., Mokdad Walaa, David Rolf, Milet Anne, Artero Vincent, and Duboc Carole , Faraday Discuss., Volume 234, p.34-41, (2022)
Bioinspired Molecular Electrocatalysts for H2 Production: Chemical Strategies, Sun, Lili, Duboc Carole, and Shen Kaiji , ACS Catalysis, Volume 12, p.9159-9170, (2022)
Bis-Heteroleptic Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes Featuring Cyclometalating 2-Phenylbenzimidazole Ligands: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study, Martínez-Vollbert, Emiliano, Ciambrone Charles, Lafargue-Dit-Hauret William, Latouche Camille, Loiseau Frédérique, and Lanoe Pierre-Henri , Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 61, p.3033-3049, (2022)
Catalysis Driven Six-Step Synthesis of Apratoxin A Key Polyketide Fragment, Shao, Na, Rodriguez Jean, and Quintard Adrien , Organic Letters, p.asap, (2022)
CHAPTER 7 - From Amino Acids to Peptides before the Coming of Ribosomes, Leqraa, N, and Vallée Y , Prebiotic Chemistry and Life's Origin, p.177–214, (2022)
Characterization of the interaction of multivalent glycosylated ligands with bacterial lectins by BioLayer interferometry, Picault, L, Laigre E, Gillon E, Tiertant C, Renaudet Olivier, Imberty A, Goyard David, and Dejeu J , Glycobiology, 07/2022, Volume 32, Issue 10, p.886-896, (2022)
Chemical Synthesis of a Functional Fluorescent-Tagged α-Bungarotoxin, Brun, Oliver, Zoukimian Claude, Oliveira-Mendes Barbara, Montnach Jérôme, Lauzier Benjamin, Ronjat Michel, Béroud Rémy, Lesage Frédéric, Boturyn Didier, and De Waard Michel , Toxins, 01/2022, Volume 14, p.79, (2022)
Chromium Nitride Umpolung Tuned by the Locus of Oxidation, Martelino, Diego, Mahato Samyadeb, VandeVen Warren, Hein Nicholas M., Clarke Ryan M., MacNeil Gregory A., Thomas Fabrice, and Storr Tim , Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 144, p.11594-11607, (2022)
CO2 to CO Electroreduction, Electrocatalytic H2 Evolution, and Catalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes Using a Co(II) meso-Tetraarylporphyrin, Guergueb, Mouhieddinne, Loiseau Frédérique, Molton Florian, Nasri Habib, and Klein Axel , Molecules, Volume 27, (2022)
A combined experimental and theoretical study on the synthesis, spectroscopic characterization of Magnesium(II) porphyrin complex with DMAP axial ligand and antifungal activity, Jabli, Souhir, Chaabene Marwa, Roisnel Thierry, Molton Florian, Loiseau Frédérique, Jehan Philippe, Ben Chaabane Rafik, and Nasri Habib , Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1267, p.133559, (2022)
Conformational transition in SPR experiments: impact of spacer length, immobilization mode and aptamer density on signal sign and amplitude, Pons, Marina, Perenon Marine, Bonnet Hugues, Gillon Emilie, Vallée Celio, Coche-Guérente Liliane, Defrancq Eric, Spinelli Nicolas, Van der Heyden Angeline, and Dejeu Jérôme , Analyst, 08/2022, Volume 147, p.4197-4205, (2022)
Cross-Linking of Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes Bearing Pyrrole Moieties on TiO2 Nanoparticles to Enhance Light to Electricity Conversion, Le-Quang, Long, Benayad Anass, Mouesca Jean-Marie, Maurel Vincent, and Chauvin Jérôme , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume 126, p.2946-2959, (2022)
The curious case of a sterically crowded Stenhouse salt, Théry, Valentin, Molton Florian, Sirach Selim, Tillet Neven, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Chem. Sci., Volume 13, p.9755-9760, (2022)
Cyclopeptides as glycan-presenting multivalent scaffolds, Goyard, David, and Renaudet Olivier , Carbohydrate Chemistry: Chemical and Biological Approaches, Volume 45, p.499-518, (2022)
Did Homocysteine Take Part in the Start of the Synthesis of Peptides on the Early Earth ?, Youssef-Saliba, Sparta, Milet Anne, and Vallee Yannick , Biomolecules, Volume 12, Issue 4, p.555, (2022)
Dissipative Acid-Fueled Reprogrammable Supramolecular Materials, Olivieri, Enzo, Gasch Baptiste, Quintard Guilhem, Naubron Jean-Valère, and Quintard Adrien , ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Volume 14, Issue 21, p.24720–24728, (2022)
Effect of Contact Area and Shape of Anode Current Collectors on Bacterial Community Structure in Microbial Fuel Cells, Paitier, A., Haddour N., Gondran Chantal, and Vogel T. M. , Molecules, Volume 27, Issue 7, (2022)
Electrochemical Mechanistic Analysis from Cyclic Voltammograms Based on Deep Learning, Hoar, Benjamin B., Zhang Weitong, Xu Shuangning, Deeba Rana, Costentin Cyrille, Gu Quanquan, and Liu Chong , ACS Measurement Science Au, p.null, (2022)
Electrochemical Properties of a Rhodium(III) Mono-Terpyridyl Complex and Use as a Catalyst for Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution in Water, Camara, Fakourou, Gavaggio Thomas, Dautreppe Baptiste, Chauvin Jérôme, Pécaut Jacques, Aldakov Dmitry, Collomb Marie-Noelle, and Fortage Jérôme , Molecules, Volume 27, (2022)
Enantiocontrol over Acyclic Quaternary Stereocenters by Acylative Organocatalyzed Kinetic Resolution, Liu, Xueyang, Pons Jean-Marc, Monnier Valérie, Charles Laurence, Quintard Adrien, and Bressy Cyril , European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 2022, Issue 6, p.e202101475, (2022)
Enantioselective Synthesis of Acyclic Stereotriads Featuring Fluorinated Tetrasubstituted Stereocenters, Shao, Na, Liu Xueyang, Monnier Valérie, Charles Laurence, Rodriguez Jean, Bressy Cyril, and Quintard Adrien , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 28, Issue 5, p.e202103874, (2022)
Exploring phage engineering to advance nanobiotechnology, Jiang, Honglin, Li Yan, Cosnier Serge, Yang Mingying, Sun Weilian, and Mao Chuanbin , Materials Today Nano, Volume 19, (2022)
Exploring the structure-activity relationship of benzylidene-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-one compared to benzofuran-3(2H)-one derivatives as inhibitors of tau amyloid fibers, Boukherrouba, Emeline, Larosa Camille, Nguyen Kim-Anh, Caburet Jérémy, Lunven Laurent, Bonnet Hugues, Fortuné Antoine, Boumendjel Ahcène, Boucherle Benjamin, Chierici Sabine, et al. , European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 01/2022, p.114139, (2022)
Gel-sol-gel ou sol-gel-sol ? Le contrôle temporel des propriétés de matériaux par une alimentation chimique, Olivieri, Enzo, and Quintard Adrien , L'Actualité Chimique, Volume 475, (2022)
Gold nanoparticle-based supramolecular approach for dye-sensitized H2-evolving photocathodes, Lalaoui, Noemie, Abdellah Mohamed, Materna Kelly L., Xu Bo, Tian Haining, Thapper Anders, Sa Jacinto, Hammarstrom Leif, and Ott Sascha , Dalton Trans., Volume 51, p.15716-15724, (2022)
Hollow Bioelectrodes Based on Buckypaper Assembly. Application to the Electroenzymatic Reduction of O2, Buzzetti, Paulo Henrique M., Berezovska Anastasiia, Nedellec Yannig, and Cosnier Serge , Nanomaterials, Volume 12, Issue 14, (2022)
Homo- and Heterovalent Neoglycoproteins as Ligands for Bacterial Lectins, Goyard, David, Roubinet Benoît, Vena Federica, Landemarre Ludovic, and Renaudet Olivier , ChemPlusChem, Volume 87, p.e202100481, (2022)
The laccase mediator system at carbon nanotubes for anthracene oxidation and femtomolar electrochemical biosensing, Sorrentino, I., Carriere M., Jamet H., Stanzione I., Piscitelli A., Giardina P., and Le Goff A. , Analyst, Volume 147, Issue 5, (2022)
Lanthanide Complexes (GdIII and EuIII) Based on a DOTA-TEMPO Platform for Redox Monitoring via Relaxivity, Barré, Richard, Leguerrier Damien Mouchel di, Ruet Quentin, Fedele Lionel, Imbert Daniel, Martel-Frachet Veronique, Fries Pascal H., Molloy Jennifer K., and Thomas Fabrice , Chemistry – An Asian Journal, Volume 17, p.e202200544, (2022)
A membraneless starch/O2 biofuel cell based on bacterial surface regulable displayed sequential enzymes of glucoamylase and glucose dehydrogenase, Cai, Yuanyuan, Wang Mingyang, Xiao Xinxin, Liang Bo, Fan Shuqin, Zheng Zongmei, Cosnier Serge, and Liu Aihua , Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Volume 207, (2022)
Metabolic labelling of cancer cells with glycodendrimers stimulate immune-mediated cytotoxicity, Goyard, David, Diriwari Peremobowei Iyanu, and Berthet Nathalie , RSC Med. Chem., Volume 13, p.72-78, (2022)
Metal Organic Frameworks for Bioelectrochemical Applications, Auer, Bernhard, Telfer Shane G., and Gross A. J. , Electroanalysis, Volume 34, (2022)
MT9, a natural peptide from black mamba venom antagonizes the muscarinic type 2 receptor and reverses the M2R-agonist-induced relaxation in rat and human arteries, Ciolek, Justyna, Zoukimian Claude, Dhot Justine, Burban Mélanie, Triquigneaux Mathilde, Lauzier Benjamin, Guimbert Christelle, Boturyn Didier, Ferron Marine, Ciccone Lidia, et al. , Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Volume 150, p.113094, (2022)
Multi-catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of 1,3-Diols Containing a Tetrasubstituted Fluorinated Stereocenter, Shao, Na, Monnier Valérie, Charles Laurence, Rodriguez Jean, Bressy Cyril, and Quintard Adrien , European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 2022, Issue 17, p.e202200031, (2022)
Multiplexed Imaging Reveals the Spatial Relationship of the Extracellular Acidity-Targeting pHLIP with Necrosis, Hypoxia, and the Integrin-Targeting cRGD Peptide, Jin, Zhao-hui, Tsuji Atsushi B., Degardin Melissa, Dumy Pascal, Boturyn Didier, and Higashi Tatsuya , Cells, 11/2022, Volume 11, (2022)
Multistep Continuous Flow Synthesis of Isolable NH2-Sulfinamidines via Nucleophilic Addition to Transient Sulfurdiimide, Andresini, Michael, Carret Sébastien, Degennaro Leonardo, Ciriaco Fulvio, Poisson Jean-François, and Luisi Renzo , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 28, p.asap, (2022)
Multi-tailoring of a modified MOF-derived CuxO electrochemical transducer for enhanced hydrogen peroxide sensing, Li, J., Lu K. K., Xu L. H., Li Y. X., Li H., Shu G., Zhang X. J., Marks R. S., Cosnier S., and Shan D. , Analyst, Volume 147, (2022)
Multivalent glycocyclopeptides: conjugation methods and biological applications, Goyard, David, Martin-Serrano-Ortiz Angela, Boturyn Didier, and Renaudet Olivier , Chem. Soc. Rev., 10/2022, Volume 51, p.8756 – 8783, (2022)
New Chemical Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, Flitsch, Sabine, Duboc Carole, and Bonnet Sylvestre , JACS Au, Volume 2, p.1018-1019, (2022)
Nitrobenzoic acid-functionalized gold nanoparticles: DET promoter of multicopper oxidases and electrocatalyst for NAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase, Lalaoui, Noemie, Gentil Kilian, Ghandari Ilyass, Cosnier Serge, and Giroud Fabien , Electrochim. Acta, Volume 408, (2022)
Organic beta-cyclodextrin Nanoparticle: An Efficient Building Block Between Functionalized Poly(pyrrole) Electrodes and Enzymes, Buzzetti, P. H. M., Carriere M., Brachi M., Gorgy K., Mumtaz M., Borsali R., and Cosnier S. , Small, Volume 18, (2022)
p-Block Metal Oxide Noninnocence in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acid: The Case of Bismuth Oxide, Thorarinsdottir, Agnes E., Costentin Cyrille, Veroneau Samuel S., and Nocera Daniel G. , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 34, p.826-835, (2022)
Phosphine Oxide Porous Organic Polymers Incorporating Cobalt(II) Ions: Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of H2 Production, Bonfant, Giulia, Balestri Davide, Perego Jacopo, Comotti Angiolina, Bracco Silvia, Koepf Matthieu, Gennari Marcello, and Marchiò Luciano , ACS Omega, Volume 7, p.6104-6112, (2022)
Photochromic Metallopolymer Based on Dithienylethene as a Molecular Calculator, Chatir, Elarbi, Khettabi Amina, Lafolet Frederic, Damien Jouvenot, Royal Guy, Saint-Aman Eric, and Cobo Saioa , Chemistry of Materials, Volume 34, p.5912-5918, (2022)